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For I am not ashamed of the gospel... -Romans 1:16
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Our Purpose - Our Plea - What We Teach


Purpose of Lincoln Avenue - Church of Christ 

Our goal is to be a Christian family.  In everything we do, we want to be like Christ; to be pleasing to our God. The Road is not always easy.  In spite of trials, temptations, diversity and discouragement, we long to remain united.  Jesus prayed, "May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me" (John 17:23).  Our goal is to avoid failing Him.


The Distinctive Plea of the Church of Christ

Our primary Plea is for religious unity based upon the Bible (1 Cor.1:10).  In a divided religious world, it is our belief that the Bible is the only possible common denominator upon which we as a God fearing people can unite.  Our appeal is to go back to the Bible.  It is a plea to speak where the Bible speaks and to remain silent where the Bible is silent in all matters that pertain to religion.  Our objective is religious unity of all believers in Christ, of which the basis is the New Testament. 


At the Lincoln Avenue - Church of Christ - We Teach... 


We are a family of believers who love and accept each other because God has accepted us.


The Bible is inspired and is the final authority in life and doctrine.  The Bible reveals one true God, existing as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each possessing the attributes of deity.


Salvation is the free gift of God.  The only sufficient payment for our sins is the death of Christ as our substitute.  No one is saved by our own merits or good deeds.


It is necessary to respond to God's free offer of salvation by faith, repentance, confession and baptism. As we confess Christ as our Lord and are baptized by immersion, God meets us, forgives our sins and gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit that empowers each of us.


While avoiding entanglement in creeds and traditions, we make a diligent effort to follow Christ.  The original followers of our Lord (the First Century Church) left us an example of worship, doctrine, and organization, that in principle is to be followed today.


God gives us abilities that we are to use in service to one another and the world.  We do not work and serve to be served, rather to express our gratitude for God's gift of everlasting life.





Lincoln Avenue - Church of Christ
Ph: (951) 683-3110
7267 Lincoln Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504 US
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