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Home Of The Soul

Revelation 7:9-17

Sermon by William T. Milligan 

Introduction: A little girl was walking with her father one night under the beautiful star-studded sky.  As she looked up and studied God’s handiwork she said, “Daddy, I have been thinking, if the wrong side of Heaven is so beautiful, what will the right side be like?”

Someone was attempting to describe to Fanny Crosby, who could not see, the splendor and beauty of the sunset.  She said as she meditated upon the description, “I cannot see it now, but this I know, one day I will see Him, the One who makes the sunsets, face to face.”

That night she wrote that hymn we all love to sing:

  “Some day the silver cord will break

And I no more –as now – shall sing;

But, Oh, the joy when I shall wake—

Within the palace of the king!

And I shall see Him face to face

And tell the story-Saved by Grace.”

We have been thinking of our home here on earth-the home into which we were born; the hour of marriage when we started our own home: and now we contemplate the eternal home-the home of the soul.  This is a place of profound interest to all.  To think about it will make us more spiritual – and less worldly.  It will remind us that this world is not our abiding place.  It will rob death of its sting.  The Bible is clear in its description of heaven.  It exhausts Types and Figures to bring its grasp of meaning within our reach (Read: Rev. 7:9-17; Jno. 14:1-4; Rev. 21, 22 and others).

I.      Types Describing Heaven

The Garden Of Eden (Rev. 2:7, cf. Gen. 2 and 3).  The original Eden is a type of heaven.  The original garden was a place of sinlessness and holy.  Heaven will be a place where no sin is known and here absolute holiness will forever characterize its inhabitants.  It is a place of beauty and splendor, one of communion and fellowship with God.  Eden was a real paradise of God.  Heaven is the paradise of God and there life will be lived to its fullest and best.

The Land of Canaan.  Canaan was the promised land of the Jews, and heaven is the promised land of Christians.  Canaan was a land flowing with milk and honey, and a land of abundance.  Heaven will be the same.  There will be abundance, and our labors and hardships will give way to rest and peace.  The Jews longed for Canaan, their promised land; so do Christians  today, and we sing:

                           “On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand,

And cast a wistful eye;

To Canaan’s fair and happy land,

Where my possessions lie!”

Jerusalem.  Jerusalem was to the Jews the greatest and most famous city in  all the world.  It was their Zion-and the place of the temple.  In it was the holy of holies and the name of God was recorded.  It was a city of beauty, wealth, and splendor.  One of the greatest ambitions of the Jews living distant from the city, was to make a pilgrimage and gaze upon Zion “the beautiful city of God.”  But heaven is the greatest city of them all.  Christ is there now making intercession for us (Heb. 4:16).  The greatest ambition of every Christian is to gaze upon it, and to tread is streets.

The Holy of Holies. (See Heb. 9:24).  The Holy of Holies in the Jewish temple is a type of heaven.  This was the place where God dwelt on earth.  Heaven is the place where God will dwell through all eternity.  It was a place of absolute holiness, into which only the holy could enter.  Heaven will be the same.  (See Rev. 21:27).  The crowning glory of heaven says John Banister, is not that “we shall be happy, but that we shall be holy-absolutely sinless and perfect like Christ Himself!”

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