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Mission Statement

Our goal is to answer the call of the Great Commission through local and international programs.  The programs will be used to educate and assist individuals with the hope of bringing them to Christ.

Our focus will consist of two major divisions, Local and International issues.  The Local division will include Healthcare and Education subcategories while the International division will be comprised of African Missionary work and disaster relief.  Additionally, we will host an annual Mission’s Sunday Program that will be dedicated to the promotion of mission ministry.

The Missions Committee with support from the leadership has been lead to develop an international program that focuses on opportunities within Sierra Leone.  





Sierra Leone lies on Africa’s western coast with Guinea to the north and east and Liberia to the south. Unusual for Africa is the volcanic mountain range that runs southeasterly from the Capital, Freetown, to the thickly wooded peninsula in the south from which Sierra Leone takes its name, “the Lion Range.”

The land area of Sierra Leone is approximately 72,000 sq km (28,000 sq miles) supporting a population of approximately 6.4 million people.

Stone-Campbell Movement

The story of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Sierra Leone begins with Orlando Price. In the 1960s Orlando Price was able to go to the United States to gain an education. Returning home in 1966 and desiring to spread the Gospel to his own people Price invited Elvis Huffard, an American of the a cappella Churches of Christ, headed for Nigeria, to delay his plans for a year by first ministering in Sierra Leone. Huffard lived and worked in Freetown. Local churches started and grew. The World Bible School was able to initiate work and become active in providing education by correspondence. Beginning the late 1960s more than two dozen American missionary families of the a cappella Churches of Christ worked to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of Sierra Leone. The Vultee and Una churches of Nashville and the Berclair church of Memphis, Tennessee were the prime supporters of the Sierra Leone mission in the early days. For a time the church in Sierra Leone continued to grow with the help of these dedicated servants.

Freetown Bible Training School was established in 1972 to provide education and leadership training for the local church. Many men took advantage of this opportunity for training and then returned to their villages to preach. The opportunity for training was short-lived as the school was forced to close in 1981 when all of the foreign workers were ordered out of the country. However, the skills provided in that brief period gave the students the opportunity to provide their own leadership after the missionaries were gone. In the 1980s the Church in Sierra Leone was said to be growing and able to manage their affairs. Approximately thirty local a cappella Churches of Christ congregations were reported in 1990 with nearly 1500 members. Since that time the Civil war has been especially disruptive; many Christians were scattered or moved away.

Lincoln Avenue - Church of Christ
Ph: (951) 683-3110
7267 Lincoln Avenue
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